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Information and Technology (IT) Unit

  • Provide application support to Customs Officers and the trading community using the Automated System  for Customs Data (ASYCUDA)

  • Maintain and develop ASYCUDA hardware and network infrastructure

  • Prepare reports as requested in house and by other ministries and related organizations

  • Create and update ASYCUDA with new e-documents and Customs Procedure Codes etc

  • Amend and update tariff codes and rates as per gazetted Cabinet Decisions

  • Responsible for keeping the Trading community informed of changes being made to tariff and other Customs Procedures

  • Responsible for conducting training within the Customs and Excise Division and Trading community in ASYCUDA related procedures

  • Register new Importers/Exporters/Brokers on ASYCUDA

  • Develop and maintain Customs Official Website


Accounting Unit

  • Prepare financial statements

  • Audit and verify revenue collected on a daily basis

  • Issue licenses to duty free shops and warehouses

  • Input daily exchange rates of currencies into ASYCUDA

  • Create and maintain Prepayment accounts in ASYCUDA

  • Maintain Cruise Ship database


Boarding and outstations

  • Responsible for boarding vessels and completing ships’ clearance formalities.

  • Providing clearance to yachts, cruise ships and other small vessels by receiving inwards/outwards reports, reviewing passenger lists and physically inspecting

    ship’s store and personal effects.


Passenger Report/Control

  • Process Passengers Island wide i.e. the Ferry Terminal, the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth, the Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth, the Canefield Airport and the Melville Hall


  • Examine and release of baggage after all Customs requirements are met


Cargo Report & Control

  • Process commercial and non-commercial cargo island-wide i.e. the Documentary Processing Unit (yellow lane), the Cargo Examination Unit (red lane), the

    Transit sheds, the Airfreight Section, the Cashing Bays and the Parcel Post Sections.


Warehousing and Duty Free Shops

  • Process declarations for all goods warehoused, ensure that all requirements are met and all duties and other taxes are collected before delivery

  • Oversee the operations of all duty-free shops on the island, including the receipt, racking and transfer of goods into and from the duty-free shops, ensure that

    they adhere to the customs and the duty-free shopping laws and regulations.

  • Verify the duty payments on dutiable sales.



  • Responsible for verifying and vetting all documents (Invoices, Bill of Lading, etc) officially submitted to Customs for the clearance of commercial goods and


  • Carry out inspections on various cargo


Post Clearance/Audit

  • Undertake internal and external documentary, premises, and systems audits to ensure compliance with the customs laws and other related legislation

  • Process Blue lane declarations

  • Verify monthly duty-free shop returns including the duty payments on dutiable sales

  • Verify the refund of duty request applications from importers/brokers

  • Carry out Customs Audits based control measures to verify the accuracy and authenticity of declarations submitted to customs through the examination of the

    relevant books, records, business systems and commercial data held by persons concerned.

  • Verify value, origin and classification of goods

  • Sample and verify certificates, licenses and permits


Bulk Processing

  • Maintain and record the importation of bulk petroleum products and cement entering the country.

  • Ensure payments are made on time by


Fiscal Incentives Unit

  • Verify, monitor and manage duty-free importations including concessions for various government agencies, diplomats, businesses and personnel.

  • Conduct site visits of premises to verify the end-use of goods cleared duty free.

  • Conduct interviews with potential returning residents and other persons wishing to take up residence in the Commonwealth of Dominica, to ascertain the

    creditability of their duty-free application requests


Mobile and Investigations Unit

  • The Mobile team undertakes surveillance exercises and patrols, in addition to providing necessary information and support to other operational units within the

    Customs division. It also conducts searches of premises, vehicles, ships and aircrafts for detection of infractions against Customs laws and other legislation

  • The Investigations team conducts investigations into cases of fraud, smuggling and other breaches of customs laws and other related legislation.


Risk Management and Intelligence

  • Collect, collate, analyze, interpret and disseminate information on issues relating to the effective / efficient running of customs.

  • Develop profiles to be fed into the ASYCUDA

  • Develop and maintain intelligence database

  • Work in prevention and detection of contraband and exercise enforcement actions where appropriate.


Customs State Warehouse

  • The Customs State Warehouse complies with the Customs Act 20 of 2010 where it states that goods coming into Dominica upon storage at the portfacility by

    air after one (1) week or by sea after two (2) weeks are to be transferred from the port facility to the Customs State Warehouse and can be auctioned to the

    public after 2 months of storage at the warehouse. Auction is done through a bidding process where the highest bidder is awarded the item.

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