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plant importation

Importers wishing to import plants, plant parts, plant products, seeds or other such regulated items into Dominica must complete an

Application for Import Permit from the office of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Service of the Division of Agriculture.


The Permit must state:

Country of origin, name and address of importer, name of produce, quantity and weight, mode of transport and expected date of


  • Applications must be submitted AT LEAST ON WEEK prior to arrival of goods.

  • Imports permits cost ten EC dollars ($10.00) and are valid for one consignment only.

  • All agricultural produce imported must be accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate from the country of origin of produce.

  • All produce MUST BE INSPECTED upon arrival by the plant quarantine inspector:

  • The plant quarantine inspector reserves the right to reject or accept the produce based on its condition.

  • All imported produce must be pest and disease free, and free from soil.



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