Non-Commercial Imports

The clearance of all non-commercial goods must be done using the Single Administrative Document (SSAD) on the ASYCUDAWORLD System.

What are non-commercial goods? 

In general terms, non-commercial goods are goods that are occasionally imported by a traveler or by a resident for their personal use


Importation of non-commercial goods shall be governed as follows:

  • Obtain from the shipping agents who notified you of the arrival of the packages the ASYCUDA Waybill which gives release of the packages to you.
  • Present the ASYCUDA Waybill to the relevant Port Office for payment of a tailgate fee.
  • Present the ASYCUDA Waybill with the Tailgate Receipt to the Port Officer at the prescribed cargo shed who will locate the packages for you.
  • Request the assistance of Customs stationed in the cargo shed who will then examine the contents of the packages with your assistance.
  • The Customs Officer will record his examination on the ASYCUDA Waybill which will be handed over to you.
  • The ASYCUDA Waybill should be taken to a Customs Cashier where the duty payment payable by you will be calculated and collected.
  • Upon payment, with the receipt in your possession, return to the Shed where the packages were examined and present the receipt and other documents to the Customs Officer.
  • After processing by Customs, present the Customs Release to a Port Officer who will then prepare a Gate Pass releasing the packages from Port’s Charge to your care.
  • On exiting, the Port’s Gate Pass will be verified against the packages by security at the exit point

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