Vehicle Importation for Travelling Public Officers

The Government of Dominica has approved the grant of duty-free concessions on the purchase of vehicles for travelling officers as part of a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The following underlies the policy guidelines with the relevant controls to be complied with:


  • The Public Officer must be appointed in a travelling officer’s post or be acting continuously in a travelling post for more than ( 2 ) years;

Terms and Conditions

  • Public Officer shall not be granted similar concessions on another vehicle within five (5) years;
  • The vehicle shall not be sold, given away, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of within a period of 5 years without the payment of applicable duty.
  • Providing the officer is departing Dominica for a continuous period of over six months, except for special circumstances where permission is granted by the Financial Secretary on the recommendation of the Permanent Secretary, duty becomes liable to the Comptroller of Customs (to apply if the person is studying for example)


  • The vehicle May be sold after five years without the payment of Customs Duties, with the approval of the Comptroller of Customs.
  • The vehicle may be disposed within five years but the said vehicle must be delivered to the Customs Division to be assessed for customs duty purposes.


  • If any term of this Policy is violated, the Comptroller of Customs reserves the right to seize the said vehicle until such time that the applicable duties are paid in full and the Comptroller of Customs may sell the vehicle after a period of one (1) month following the seizure.

Procedure for Application

  • Duty-Free Forms must be signed by the requesting officer and recommended and endorsed by the Head of Department/Permanent Secretary.
  • Forms must be accompanied by a copy of the salary slip of the requesting officer or by a letter from the Permanent Secretary confirming that the requesting officer is a travelling officer, or have met the eligibility criteria indicated above.

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